Shelter & Emergency Services

Shelter and Emergency Services

We proudly operate and run the Haven Center — Lorain County’s unique 24-hour, 365-day emergency shelter for men, women and children.   But we do more than offer a full-service, 68-bed facility that provides meals, toiletries, laundry, clothing, and just about anything other item our clients need including connect them with items they will need to transition into independent housing.
We help our clients break the cycle of no income and no housing. We develop case plans for our clients which include referrals for work, vocational rehab programs, GED classes, bus tickets for transportation, and help them apply for affordable housing.
Our facility always has a waiting list. With less resources available to people who become homeless in our county, we are continually forced to do more with less and we rely on our partner organizations and nonprofit groups that help us serve our clients.
When funds are available we also provide emergency services such as rental assistance programs for people who have income but are facing eviction.

The Haven Center Homeless Shelter

For More Information Contact:

Sandy Humphrey, Director
Neighborhood Alliance Shelter and Emergency Services
(440) 277-9272 x6206
Fax: (440) 240-1105